Our Family

Here at Midwest Best Beef, we live and work on a third generation, small family farm in east central Iowa.

What We Do

We raise and market less than 100 beef per year to a very select and loyal clientele who value our exceptional Midwest beef as well as the relationships we form with our customers.

Our Mission

At Midwest Best Beef, our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality Midwestern Angus beef free of added hormones, routine antibiotics and animal by products.

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Our family at Midwest Best Beef

Peace of Mind

Whether you buy beef online or locally, know where and how your family’s beef and pork are produced.

At Midwest Best Beef, we pride ourselves on being a third-generation small family farm that

produces locally raised, grass fed, corn finished, aged, state inspected Natural Angus Beef.

Buy Midwest Best Beef online or locally direct from our family’s farm to your home!

Locally Grown Beef and Pork

Consumers want to buy good local Midwestern corn finished beef and pasture raised pork.

Midwest Best Beef Sells locally not only to provide a source of great beef and pork, but it allows our customers to have a connection and a relationship with the farm and family that produces that beef and pork.

We encourage our customers to schedule a visit and take a tour of the farm.

Beef and Pork that's better for you

Our Midwest Angus Beef is fed a strict vegetarian diet of alfalfa, hay, and corn.

We raise our beef naturally as they are never given animal by-products, routine antibiotics, or growth hormones.

Our Berkshire pork are raised on open pastures with no added by-products, routine antibiotics, or growth hormones.

Better Tasting Beef and Pork

Dry Aged Beef

At Midwest Best Beef, we dry Age all of our beef. By doing this it produces not only a more tender cut of meat, but it also concentrates the flavor and produces meat that is superior in taste and texture.

Our pasture raised Berkshire pigs, provide a superior taste compared to most other breeds. Berkshires’ high-quality meat is darker, tastier and contains more marbling than most other types of pork