Basic Package

Basic Package

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Basic Package**

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50 lbs. Package **
The Basic Package is designed for a family’s day to day meals with plenty of ground beef and roast.

Save up to 5% or more when buying packaged meat bundles compared to buying individual cuts

4 – 2.75 lbs. Chuck Roast
2 – 2.75 lbs. Rump or Arm Roast
25 – 1 lbs. Ground Beef
4 – 1 lbs. Stew Meat or Stir Fry Meat

* Any package item can be replaced with ground beef upon request

** Weights convey relative size and are approximate. Actual weights may vary +/- 20% per cut and package
Actual price will be calculated and sent when the order is assembled.

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Weight 50 lbs