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Midwest Best provides locally raised, corn fed, aged, state inspected Natural Angus Beef.
Direct from our family’s farm to your home!


The “Build Your Own Package” allows our customers to build their own custom package with the individual cuts they want.  We ask that when assembling your package, you keep in mind that we are a small farmer and do not have wholesale outlets to balance our inventory.  When selecting high end steaks, please include 2x the weight of the steaks in ground beef, roasts, round steaks or other cuts.  This helps us keep our inventory in balance.  See out FAQ page for more explanation.  FAQs

Bundled Beef Packages
Bundled beef packages allow our customers to purchase popular package combination at a savings.  Save up to 5% or more with bundled packages compared to buying individual cuts.

Premium Packs

The Premium Package is for steak lovers. It has a generous portion of high end steaks and some ground beef to round out the package.

Select Packs

The Select Package is designed for the family that wants all the cuts of beef but do not have the freezer space or do not want to purchase an entire half or quarter of beef.

Basic Packs

The Basic Package is designed for a family’s day to day meals with plenty of ground beef and roast with an occasional steak for those special meals.


Bulk Beef

Buying in bulk allows our customers to enjoy savings when buying a 1/4 or 1/2 beef as well as getting the meat custom processed to their own liking.

Your Beef Breakdown, Explained (PDF)

Bulk Beef FAQs

CSA Shares

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares allows customer to invest in a “share” of the beef.  You will receive a monthly share delivery and pay for that portion of the share at delivery.  The share subscriptions are 6 or 12 months.  Shares are available for 10 lbs/month, 20 lbs/month and 40 lbs/month.  In short, you own a portion of a beef and we will make 6 or 12 equal monthly deliveries of your beef.  No need to pay one big bill or store large volumes of beef at one time.  Shares also provide saving when compared to buying individual cuts.

See “CSA Share FAQs” for more details


COMING SOON – Midwest Best beef has partnered to provide only the finest pasture raised berkshire pork.  Raising Berkshire pork on pasture produces excellent muscle quality and superior taste when compared to most other breeds. Berkshires’ high-quality meat is darker, tastier and contains more marbling than most other types of pork.

Gift Order

Midwest Beef Gift Packages make an excellent gift for the hard to buy for.  Simply choose one of the predefined packages or build your own.  At checkout, specify in the “Order Notes” that this is a gift package.  Include any special message you want us to deliver with the gift.  We will include you message in the package.


We currently service the Dubuque and Cedar Rapids Ia area via drop sites.  We deliver any amount free to a once monthly drop site in both Dubuque and Cedar Rapids.  Delivery estimates are calculated on the website at checkout.  We will contact you with  actual shipping pricing and to confirm the order before processing.  Depending on distance shipped, we require a minimum 15-25 lb order for all shipped orders.  The longer the distance, the more mass we need to keep the shipment frozen.  All products will be shipped Mondays.


10 Item Special
By any 10 Combination of “10 Item” special cuts for $6.25/lbs

Build Your Own Package

Individual Cuts
For orders with premium steaks, we ask you include 2-3x minimum the weight of the premium steaks in ground beef, roasts, round steaks, or other non steaks cuts.

Boxed Beef Packages,  Bulk Bundles

CSA Shares

** Weights convey relative size and are approximate. Actual weights are used for final billing and may vary +/- 20% per cut and package

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