Our Story

Our Story

At Midwest Best Beef, we pride ourselves on being a third generation, small family farm.

Our Family

Midwest Best Beef was founded by us, David and Annette. We, along with our five beautiful daughters, live and work on a third generation, small family farm in east central Iowa. Together our family works to bring high quality, hormone and antibiotic free, state inspected All Natural Angus beef direct from our family’s farm to your family’s home.

Our Mission

At Midwest Best Beef, our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality Midwestern Angus beef free of added hormones, routine antibiotics and animal by products while building a relationship between the customer and the small family farmer that produces their beef.

Our Business Philosophy

We at Midwest Best Beef believe in the age-old traditional relationships between producers and consumers. There was a time in the not too distant past when a person could shake the hand of the craftsman who created the purchased products. The consumer judged the quality and value by seeing for themselves the quality of the materials and the dedication of the producer. Deals were made face to face with a handshake and oath to deliver. The values of pride, honor, and commitment were as valuable as the product and the money exchanged.

Our Journey

Small Family beef Farm Both of us, David and Annette, come from a long line of small family farmers and can trace our farming heritage back from before our families immigrated to the U.S.

Dave grew up in the upper Midwest on a small family farm in southeastern Minnesota raising Steers, Hogs, and Chickens.

Annette grew up on a small family farm in East Central Iowa where her and her family operated a small dairy herd along with raising hogs and chickens.

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