Our Business Philosophy

Our Business Philosophy

Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality Midwestern Angus beef.

We believe in the age-old traditional relationships between producers and consumers. There was a time in the not too distant past when a person could shake the hand of the craftsman who created the purchased products. The consumers judged the quality and value by seeing for themselves the caliber of the materials and the dedication of the producer. Deals were made face to face with a handshake and an oath to deliver. The values of pride, honor, and commitment were as valuable as the product and the money exchanged.

In our modern industrialized marketplace, those relationships have all but disappeared. We take on faith that the products we purchase are created to the standards and quality we expect. The closest we come to forming a relationship with the producer is engaging in casual conversation with a store sale associate who presents the product to the consumers. Those conversations are not based on firsthand knowledge of its production but based on “marketing literature” given to them for the purposes of selling an image.


At Midwest Best Beef, we feel there is no marketplace relationship more important than the relationship between a producer of food and the consumer. Food is one of the few consumer-based products that literally become a part of us. It builds and sustains us.

Here at Midwest Best Beef, we honor and treasure the long-held traditions between food producers and consumers. Because we are the producers of every cut of beef we sell, we invite our customers to enter into a traditional marketplace relationship. You can judge for yourself the quality of the materials and the dedication of the producer. You can place your own value on the pride, honor, and commitment we invest in every cut of beef we sell.

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