Our Journey

Our Journey

This is the story of our journey to becoming Midwest Best Beef from a long heritage of family farming.

Our Journey

our journey We both come from a long line of small family farmers and can trace our farming heritage back to before our families immigrated to the U.S.

Dave grew up on a small family farm in SE Minnesota raising Steers, Hogs, and Chickens.

Annette grew up on a small family farm in East Central Iowa where her and her family operated a small dairy herd along with raising hogs and chickens.

Both Dave and Annette left the farm for town life shortly after HS graduation. Dave attended a vocational school in WI for an agribusiness degree. His intention was to return to the land after graduation. While in school, He was offered and accepted an opportunity to work as an apprentice electrician. He eventually earned a journeyman and masters electrician license. In ’92, he made the decision to return to college to pursue a degree in electrical engineering. He married Annette and graduated from college in 1996.

After graduating from college with a degree in business administration, Annette worked as a sales representative until she made the decision to be a stay-at-home mom raising our 5 children.

In 2004, we made the decision to try to return to farming and started putting money aside to purchase equipment with hopes of renting a farm. In 2010, we convinced Annette’s father to rent us his 150-acre farm. We used the savings we had been setting aside to buy machinery to start farming. We were able to purchase Annette’s family farm in 2011.



In 2018, we purchased 14 head of steers to finish for direct marketing.  Our first year in business, we were able to sell 7 head of beef direct.  The second year we sold 18 and ran out of beef halfway through the year.  Given our growth and customer demands, we made the decision to split our cattle into 2 groups allowing for processing twice a year.  The following year we sold approximately 50 head of beef.  With the help of our loyal customer base, we hope to continue our growth allowing us to fulfil our dream of making a living providing the Midwest’s Best Beef.



Rodger Wernke Holding Annette Hill

Our farm in 1970’s (Annette’s Homeplace)
Our farm in 2020 (Annette’s Homeplace)
Carroll Hill After cutting Hay with a sickle mower
Hill Family farm in MN  (1930)
Roger and Alan Wernke
Baling Hay on the Ekern Farm
Ekern Homestead in Mn
Rodger Wernke and Annette
David loading hay on elevator
Rodger Wernke on AC D14
Carroll and David Hill with neighbors after unloading hay
Rodger Wernke milking cows
Ekern Barn
David Baling Hay in MN
David sitting on Oliver in Ekern farm
Corrine Hill (Ekern) on horse
David climbing elevator to hay-mow
Dan Hill (5 yrs old) baling hay

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